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Martini Golf 3-1/4" Durable Plastic Tees 5-Pack (Assorted Colors)

Independent laboratory testing proves that Martini Tees give you drives that go both farther and straighter, compared to wooden tees. Martini Tees are virtually unbreakable, made in the USA, and conform with USGA Rules. Martini Tees are a full 3-1/4 inch tall, perfect for today's larger drivers. The large cup allows you to reduce club-head resistance by tilting the ball towards your target line by as much as 20%. Teeing the ball up on a Martini Tee is easier for seniors and those with unsteady hands. Martini Tees last much longer than old-fashioned wooden tees because they are made from a proprietary polymer resin blend. You can get a year's supply of tees for the same price as one martini cocktail. Martini Tees – The only martini that improves your driving.

Martini Golf 3-1 4" Durable Plastic Tees 5-Pack (Assorted Colors) Features

  1. Martini Tees have their roots in the AirLift tees - thought to perhaps be the original plastic tee
  2. One martini tee is better for the environment than running through dozens upon dozens of wooden tees
  3. Martini tees are safe to use with all your clubs - they will not "stripe" the bottom of your driver
  4. No more carrying a forest of tees in your pocket when you're on the course.  Martini Tees are made from a proprietary polymer resin blend, to last a lot longer than old-fashioned wooden tees. You can get a year's supply of tees for the same price as one martini cocktail.

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