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TaylorMade 2016 Tour Preferred Golf Balls #1-#4 12-Ball Pack

TaylorMade 2016 Tour Preferred Golf BallsTaylorMade's Softest Tour BallIn the redesign process of its Tour Preferred golf ball, exceptional distance off the tee and enhanced spin around the green were non-negotiable for TaylorMade, which delivered on both fronts. By using softer materials in the inner layer, the Tour Preferred, at just 80 compression, is the lowest compression Tour ball that TaylorMade has ever offered, and it has a significantly softer feel compared to its predecessor. But this is a golf ball that, thanks to its four-layer design and 322 dimple pattern, is still long off the tee and delivers incredible greenside spin. In fact, itaTMs as long and spins as much around the greens as the Tour Preferred X, which gets the majority of play on Tour by TaylorMade staffers. The Tour preferred, however, is also played on Tour, and the major difference between the two balls is in the softer feel and the fact that on full shots with irons the Tour Preferred will produce a slightly higher ball flight.Ideal For:Golfers of all ability levels who are looking for tour-proven performance and incredibly soft feel in a golf ball. Players with dramatically varying swing speeds can all enjoy the performance benefits of the Tour Preferred ball, most notably exceptional distance off the tee and higher spin rates around the green. It will create higher launch conditions with iron shots and have a softer feel than the Tour Preferred X, but for serious golfers who are looking for soft feel, this ball will be a great option.SpeedMantle Inner LayerMaterials that are 65 percent softer, as well as more flexible, create a softer feel without sacrificing tour-proven performance.Soft Tech Cast Urethane CoverEnhances the new, softer feel of the Tour Preferred ball while also providing greater durability.LDP 322 Dimple PatternHelps produce more distance off the tee with a penetrating ball flight while also delivering more stability in windy conditions with all clubs.What They're

TaylorMade 2016 Tour Preferred Golf Balls #1-#4 12-Ball Pack Features

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